Did Jeffrey Sebelia Out-Source? Not in West!


While West magazine writer John Albert gave readers a peek into the oh! so edgy world of Project Runway contestant Jeffery Sebelia, he never asked very much about the actual designing and construction of the clothing line. Mainly, because Albert just doesn’t get the appeal of the show. He wrote:

Although the fashion component of the show is interesting, the main attraction is undoubtedly the ruthless competition among the contestants.

Which, according to the faithful viewers at TWOP, or LAist or Moxie, is flatout wrong. It’s the clothes. In fact, more than any other reality show ever, the actual task is the star. So right from the lede, he’s on the wrong track. Albert is a memoirist and an ex-user, which must have been the reason that the West editors assigned him the piece, as they sure wouldn’t have wanted anyone who writes about fashion to do something so timely. And this is in the Men’s Fashion issue, too. Maybe talking about bad behavior when high is more manly than fashion design.

So, while Albert was being all Silverlake hip by interviewing Sebelia about his tats and days of drug use, New York magazine followed up with a little scandal:

But when they returned for their group show at Bryant Park, fellow contestant Laura Bennett accused Sebelia of cheating.

Seems out-sourcing is a no-no. But who knows if Sebelia really hired a sweat-shop or is just a demon on the industrial strength Singer? Not West magazine, that’s for sure.