Did Harry Smith’s Colon Accept Your Friend Request?

Social-networking sites are good for catching up with old friends, making new ones, updating several people with one post, playing games, and, now, befriending colons.

CBS Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith underwent an on-air colonoscopy earlier this month to raise awareness of colon cancer, and now, Harry Smith’s Colon has a Facebook page.

The page had 54 friends at the time of this posting, and the Info section was quite clever:

Basic Information

Sex: Male

Current City: New York, NY

Relationship Status: In an Open Relationship

Anniversary: August 21, 1951

Interested In: Women

Looking For: Networking

Personal Information

Activities: Biking. Sending up a warning flare when Harry eats spicy food. Obsessively anal-lyzing Lost.

Interests: Early Show Cooking Segments. Food.

Favorite Music: Iggy Poop. The Poo Fighters. The Doo-Doo Bie Brothers. Simon and Rearfunkel.

Favorite TV Shows: Hogan’s Heroes (That Colon Klink is hilarious)! Also, The Early Show is the poop!

Favorite Movies: Inglorious Ass-turds, that scene from Blazing Saddles, that scene from Dumb and Dumber, Ordinary People.

Favorite Books: New Moon. Anything by Dr. OZ.

Favorite Quotations: “Hey there, Liver.” — Harry Smith

“I was told I was going to be in the ‘splash zone,’ and I could have gone all day without knowing that.” — Katie Couric

About Me: I’m about 6 feet long and still look like I’m 18.

Education and Work

College: Central College ’73, Removing fluids from the body

High School: Thornton Fractnl So High School ’69

Employer: CBS News

Position: the dryer of Harry’s body

Location: New York, NY

Description: I aid Harry in his day-to-day processing of food.

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