Did the Grammy Awards Give Nominees a Social Media Bump?

Results for Record of the Year candidates suggest not

Most people would assume getting nominated for a Grammy would not only propel your career, but also get people talking about you online in a serious fashion.

To take a look at whether garnering such a distinction gives you a social boost, we asked StatSocial to zero in on the Facebook and Twitter accounts for this year's nominees for Record of the Year: Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, Sia, Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor. It tracked the digital buzz from Feb. 5 up to the night of the Grammys (Feb. 8), and then kept tabs on how many people were still talking about the artists the day after.

For the most part, mentions of the artists on Twitter didn't increase until the night of the awards. Smith, who ended up winning the category, was the exception—his chatter picked up significantly starting on Saturday. However, by the time Monday morning rolled around, the buzz started to simmer down.

According to StatSocial's numbers—some of which are available via the infographic below—the singers' Facebook activity levels stayed relatively steady throughout the period. And while everyone added followers across both platforms, Smith, interestingly, only received the third-biggest lift in fans among the five nominees.

We can't apply these results to nominees for all categories, of course. But one of the most intriguing takeaways from the data points is that conversations didn't significantly jump after the event, even for Smith. And, if we're looking at social media stats, even having the bragging rights of winning the Record of the Year doesn't necessarily mean you've won the online audience.

See StatSocial's findings below.