Did AOL Just Fire All Its Freelancers?

OK, this is totally unconfirmed, please take with a grain of salt while we investigate, BUT….

A tipster sent an e-mail to Silicon Alley Insider that is “widely interpreted” by AOL freelancers as “you’re fired.”

The e-mail, which was apparently widely distributed to many AOL freelancers, if not all, includes the sentence: “Everyone will receive payment in accordance with their contracts, per the monthly operating routine to date.”

This, the tipster said, “we infer that it means we won’t be paid for any work going forward.”

That’s a bit of a leap (we think), but the e-mail also invites freelancers to apply for fulltime work, and it is true that AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said last week that the company’s new strategy would be to emphasize producing content in-house and “transition away from a reliance on freelance journalists.”