Did An Intern Post This Martha Stewart Ad Or What?

A tipster sent us this bizarre ad for a homepage producer for Martha Stewart. Here’s the link and here’s a link to a screengrab in case it’s taken down.

The reason we suspect it might be taken down is because it looks like an intern took a boss’s musings and posted them as a job ad with scant editing. Read:

Martha Stewart is looking for a FREELANCE (ON SITE) HOME PAGE EDITOR.
Must have digital editing experience.

Must have experience with Omniture – the web tracking tool.

The person hired would have to have experience as a home page editor. Also the person should have experience with content development and writing headlines.
Really exciting time to join marthastewart.com as we are in a complete re-design phase.
Position is on site and can be 40 hrs per week but could be less ie 20 to 30 hrs a week and will depend on workload / how fast person hired is etc

It would be for Martha Stewart.com so the ideal personwould either have experience in LifeStyles verticals or a strong interest inlifestyles / food et.

Will monitor website traffic –see how many hits website is getting – see what headlines written are getting hits etc etc

SO basically it would be agreat headline writer who also ideally knows how to use Omniture.

Hourly rate depends upon experience

Forget the lack of punctuation and the typos. Have you ever seen a job ad that includes the words “So basically”? From a respected, oldschool brand like Martha Stewart?

We e-mailed Martha’s PR people to ask how this made it onto LinkedIn. If they respond, we’ll let you know.