Dictionary.com App Hits 50M Downloads, Releases New Game

Dictionary.com’s resource app has been downloaded 50 million times since it launched in 2009. In addition, Dictionary.com’s  mobile page views grew by 65.6% and mobile visits grew by 56% in the past year. The app, which is often in the top 10 on our top free apps lists, includes more than 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms and antonyms.

To build on the momentum, the company is now launching a new game app called Word Dynamo for the iPad. Word Dynamo is a personalized language learning app with more than 20 word games. Designed for anyone from elementary school through post graduate, the tool helps users learn new words and prepare for academic testing.

Shravan Goli, CEO of Dictionary.com, stated: “Whereas cramming before a test used to mean pouring through unintelligible notes in the school hallway, now students can play games on their iPads that leave them infinitely more prepared. Or, if they’re visiting an art museum, they can take a fun, on-the-spot crash course in art terminology that enriches their experience and increases learning retention — the applications are endless.”