Dick Cheney vs. his new parka

We’ll refrain from joining the press pack currently going after Dick Cheney, who has aroused the ire of Reuters and every news organization on the Eastern Seaboard (including, presumably, Anna Wintour’s) for showing up at the otherwise somber eulogy for the victims of Auschwitz in Poland the night before last wearing a green parka and Sorels as if he were going ice fishing nearby.
And we vehemently disagree with our esteemed colleagues the world over on the nature of this faux pas. It wasn’t Cheney’s choice of overcoat that was the problem, merely the cut and the color. Herewith, an alternate suggestion in a West-of-the-Hudson-River patriotic hue. Nothing says “freedom fighter” more than candy apple red. Incidentally, Halliburton carries it, we’re told.
Advantage: That coat. Vice Presidential Library, look out. It should grace the entrance hall of wherever in Wyoming you choose to build it.