Diane von Furstenberg to Design Collection for babyGap and GapKids

You’ve worn her clothes, you’ve eaten off her dishes, and if you’ve been lucky enough to fall ill in Cleveland, you’ve even gotten the chance to sport one of her hospital gowns. But with so much Diane von Furtsenberg to go around, one question remains: what about the children?! That, of course, is immediately followed by another question: won’t someone please think of the children?! Sure, we adults can consume as much von Furstenberg as our wallets will allow (well, except for we men, but just go with it — we’re trying really hard to cleverly segue here), but the poor, innocent darlings haven’t been allowed to experience her work…until now (segue complete). Gap has announced its latest partnership with a fashion icon, this time with von Furstenberg, who will be designing for the retail giant’s GapKids and babyGap lines (just like Stella McCartney did back in 2009). The collection is set to be released in March of next year, giving the presently childless ample time to conceive and deliver a baby in order to get in on this action. Here’s a bit from the announcement:

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to build on Gap’s successful past collaborations and develop this collection with Diane, a true American fashion icon and inspiration to women around the world,” said Art Peck, President of Gap brand, North America. “I’m also looking forward to offering our customers an exciting collection that applies her signature approach to print, optimistic color and femininity, mixed with our expertise in great quality premium children’s clothing at accessible prices.”

Diane von Furstenberg comments, “As a proud mother and grandmother I am so excited to create a capsule collection for children with the superstar retailer, Gap.”