Diane von Furstenberg Designs New Hospital Gowns for the People of Cleveland


Diane von Furtstenberg has taken a page from fellow fashion designer Ben de Lisi, with the forthcoming release of her own signature hospital gown. As you might recall from earlier this year, de Lisi was hired by the UK’s Design Council to come up with something less awkward to wear during doctor visits. While what he came up with probably wouldn’t be your first pick for daily outerwear, it was a vast improvement over its horrible predecessor. Von Furstenberg got into the market by way of the Cleveland Clinic, after meeting its CEO at a conference and learning they’d been working on redesign for several years prior (since 2007, when their last gown update had been released). She agreed to come in to help and lent designers, patterns, and various other assistance to push the project along. While still in the testing phase (there have been issues with buttons and shrinking fabric), but the hospital has said that it’s still a work in progress that they hope to be in regular use in the near future.