Diane Sawyer Live-Tweets During Jaycee Dugard Interview

ABC News’ Diane Sawyer used her big scoop — the first televised interview with Jaycee Dugard — to break in her Twitter account.

Dugard was kidnapped at the age of 11 and held captive for 18 years, bearing two of kidnapper Phillip Craig Garrido’s children, before finally being found and freed in August 2009, following several law-enforcement bungles.

Sawyer activated her Twitter account Friday and live-tweeted during the airing of Primetime: The Jaycee Dugard Interview Sunday from 9 p.m.-11 p.m. ET, saying beforehand in a press release, “I want to hear what viewers are thinking as they watch the way Jaycee has survived and the horrifying cascade of mistakes by law enforcement that is supposed to protect children from predators.” The hashtag #JayceeABC was used.

Sawyer sent more than 40 tweets during the broadcast, mostly reflecting the serious tone of the subject matter, but answering a couple of light-hearted queries about whether it was really her tweeting and what was in her coffee cup.

Sawyer had about 7,000 followers when the special began, according to sister blog TVNewser, and she had topped 11,500 at the time of this post.