Diana Lind’s Brooklyn Q&A-a-Palooza


As we mentioned the other day, author and architecture/design/city planning expert, Diana Lind, is finally answering questions sent in to the NY Times about all things Brooklyn-related. And it looks like she’s out to not disappoint a single person, as she’s answered, in two parts, a bazillion of the submitted questions, from the obvious stuff about the controversial Atlantic Yards project to the more hypothetical, such as how all of the ubiquitous new housing construction will be viewed in the future (as oft-putting as it is today? or will people slowly get used to it once it starts to get some years on it?). Even if you don’t care a lick about Brooklyn, there’s some great discussion therein and you’d apt to get something out of it no matter where you live, even here in fly-over country. Here’s a pick about how big and tall Brooklyn might get:

At the moment, the tallest building in Brooklyn is the Williamsburgh Savings Bank, a k a One Hanson Place. The tallest structure in the Atlantic Yards project, called Miss Brooklyn, will rise 511 feet — one foot shorter than the bank. Because the project’s developer, Forest City Ratner, has yet to identify an anchor tenant for the building and rumors have circulated about the project’s lack of financing, I’m not convinced Miss Brooklyn will be built at such an enormous size. She was originally designed to be 620 feet tall — she might shrink even farther.

And if that isn’t enough for you, the site promises a third and final installment of Q&A sometime later today.