Diamond Dash Is This Week's Fastest Growing App

Video games may have grown the fastest this week, but Facebook Live got a lot of new users from President Barack Obama's livestreamed Town Hall.

Productivity at work must have taken a bit of a fall in the past week, as a number of games have skyrocketed their way up our weekly growth leaderboard. Plus a lot of people tuned in to Facebook Live for their first livestreaming experience when President Barack Obama held a virtual Town Hall on the social network this week.

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1.Diamond Dash964,6825,126,9041,154,986
2. Zombie Lane641,1212,774,698967,610
3. Daily Horoscope325,7125,727,119850,696
4. Zoosk677,6197,807,228720,937
5. iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa147,5392,462,400622,027
6. Monster Galaxy702,24310,234,306564,746
7. Friend Buzz607,6287,685,727507,276
8. Super Mario Clasic150,7981,683,333503,797
9. Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages137,3451,962,631491,827
10.Gourmet Ranch456,1083,582,099486,283
11. Friend.ly231,4933,656,615452,704
12. TrainCity153,0871,303,117450,611
13. Bing3,429,68925,150,735445,361
14. Komedi Kral75,344881,141397,327
15. Today’s Video149,6771,120,074397,243
16. Static HTML for Pages89,4661,198,135395,934
17. La Verdad Incómoda140,4652,861,536384,930
18. Facebook Live170,741790,373375,102
19. Welcome Tab for Pages84,3451,325,281374,703
20. Friends Photos212,2052,109,683367,402

Playing games: Diamond Dash took a incredible leap forward in the past seven days as it races to the top spot; the Wooga-developed game welcomed 1,154,986 new players. Digital Chocolate’s Zombie Lane propelleds itself to the second position; 967,610 social networking gamers found themselves taking on the undying creatures.

Elsewhere on the list, Monster Galaxy took a few steps forward to the sixth spot; the continually growing Facebook game was greeted with a weekly growth increase of 564,746. Super Mario Clasic and Gourmet Ranch also movde up the fastest growing list, with their second appearances; the applications saw a 503,797 and 486,283 player increase respectively.

Meanwhile LIFO Interactive’s Train City, which lets users build their own locomotives, makes its first appearance on the list, successfully taking the 12th spot with the help of an additional 450,611 players.

Returning to the leaderboard: Soft Reklam’s Daily Horoscope witnessed a tremendous weekly growth increase, slamming its way back onto our countdown in the third spot; this astrological option was added by 850,696 users. Bing bounced back as well to rest comfortably in the 13th spot; 445,361 people synched their accounts with the Microsoft search engine.

Fun with old and new friends: Zoosk wants to be known as the singles hotspot on the social network. With the help of a 720,937 weekly growth increase, the app moved up 16 spots tumbling forward into the fourth position. Another well-known virtual destination that allows for meeting new friends from around the world is Friend.ly; 452,704 users helped it claim a spot on the list for another week in a row.

Social networkers seem to show no signs slowing down the questioning of one another. Although Friend Buzz dropped a few notches coming in seventh, the application leads the pack as it welcomes 507,276 new prying friends. Spanish alternative La Verdad Incómoda hangs ten spots behind; the quiz ended the week with an increase of 384,930.

Building a better Facebook page: Iwipa – whose name I have shortened upon its reappearance here – holds on to the fifth spot once again; the application helped develop 622,027 page landings for administrators. Similar concept, Welcome Tab for Pages, is a newcomer to our leaderboard snagging the 19th spot as it accrued 374,703 users.

Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages moves forward this week landing at number nine; the tool had a large impact with a increase totaling 491,827. Involver’s Static HTML for Pages makes moves as it takes over the 16th spot this week; the application helped 395,934 pages last week.

Pictures and videos: Komedia Kral makes its first appearance on our list the week; 397,327 users tuned in to the videos offered in the past seven days. Just a position behind in the 15th spot you will find another Turkish alternative, Today’s Video; this popular choice welcomed 397,243 new viewers.

We close out this week with Facebook Live and Friends Photo. The president’s visit to Palo Alto headquarters doubtlessly explains why Facebook’s own livestreaming site made the list this week, as the app nabbed 375,102 new users. Friends Photo is looking to simplify the concept of sharing photos; this week it has been greeted kindly as it rounds out our list with a weekly growth total of 367,402.

If you want to see more data after reading this post, be sure to check out our statistic tool that we base these rankings on. Readers, did any applications or trends particularly stand out for you this week?