Dial2Do Reads Text Messages To You

Dial2Do is a service that uses speech-to-text to turn any phone into a mobile assistant. To see how it works, watch the following video…

YouTube video courtesy of Dial2Do

The service uses the freemium pricing model, and with the free version of the service you can record reminders of up to 20 seconds in length that are emailed to you as both translated text and a link to the recording. Paying $39.99 per year adds the ability to send text messages, listen and respond to email, send tweets, or interact with applications like Evernote and Google Calendar. In my experience I have found Dial2Do’s translation to be better than Google Voice.

If you have an Android phone you will find a free program in the Market called Dial2Do Handsfree Assistant. The main function of the program is that it uses text-to-speech to read text messages that are received on the phone, and you can configure it to automatically send a reply text to say something like “I am currently driving at the moment, I will respond to your message when I can.” The program also provides a button to automatically dial your Dial2Do phone number so that you can use the service.