Dezeen’s New Digs


If you read this site with any frequency, you’ll likely note that we’ve linked up Dezeen many, many times and we’ve always been grateful for their hard work in gathering up some of the best stories out there. While they’re always doing what a good blog should by sending people away from their site to go read the information they think is valuable or interesting, it was nice to see them talking about themselves for a change. In this recent post, they’ve given a sneak peek at their new logo, one of the first major changes they’ll be making in a complete overhaul of the site. It’s a fun read on coming up with the new logo and all the thinking behind it. However, we really wish they would have gone along with this:

Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs has long harboured the secret fantasy of inventing a mystery Dutch benefactor called Florian de Zeen, after whom the site could have been named.