Dexter Season Six Debut Already Online

This is not good. On the heels of a pirated copy of FOX’s House 2011 season premiere being leaked online, there is word today of a similar hack for Showtime’s acclaimed serial killer drama Dexter.

According to a report on by that website’s founder Ernesto, a 502-megabyte file of the program’s scheduled October 2 Season Six debut appears to have been ripped from a promotional DVD. It is available through the peer-to-peer technology BitTorrent, which originated out of San Francisco.

Reached via email in the Netherlands, Ernesto confirmed to FishbowlLA that at press time, about 50,000 people had downloaded or were in the process of downloading the Season Six first episode. “It is impossible to take down now, unless they shut down the entire Internet,” Ernesto said.

As FishbowlLA previously reported, the upcoming sixth season features a main bad guy played by Edward James Olmos whose deeds will apparently outdo all of the program’s previous murderous comers. Although Showtime is sure to take this to the proper law enforcement authorities, Ernesto told us he has seen no indications yet from his end of any such activity.

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