Columbia Pictures VP Devon Franklin Talks Netflix, Social Media

It’s no secret that the competition for eyeballs is intense these days. Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I watched TV without somehow drifting to Facebook or Twitter, replying to an email, playing a new game, downloading an app, etc. And, with film prices shooting upwards of $12 here in New York, um, yeah. I’ll wait for Netflix.

But Columbia/Sony Pictures VP of production Devon Franklin says that the digital age has only made his industry go back to basics: to make great films.

“We have to make films for a lower price point without sacrificing quality,” said Franklin, who currently has Men in Black 3 and a live action version of He-Man in the works. “The biggest challenge that we face quite honestly is we still have to make great movies, and we can’t let the dialogue about what’s going on with Netflix and the digital media world affect making great films.”

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