Developers Navigate How To Design For Kindle Fire

Last month, Amazon announced that the Kindle Format 8 (KF8), which includes support for HTML5, is replacing Mobi 7 for eBooks. This new format allows developers to do more for the Kindle Fire, but its not yet ready for everyone to use. In the meantime, Kindle Fire devices are already shipping, which is confusing some developers, who want their content Kindle Fire ready now.

In a thread on the Kindle Direct Publishing forum, developers have been discussing how to get their content ready for the Kindle Fire.

A poster named Alstair Phelan asked: “I have built 24 EOT fonts and formatted 1,500 pages of material for HTML5/CSS. I have also made book covers, interior graphics, front matter, and Tables of Content. How do I convert that material into KF8-compliant docs that the Kindle Fire can actually render?”

JTBigToad suggested: “You can’t load HTML directly to the KFIRE. Try Emailing a Double zipped HTML file to the (Your Kindle name ) or the address then go to the Manage My Kindle page and in the personal doc section.”

NotJohn posted: “You cannot sell a book that works only on the Fire. All books are available to first, second, third, and fourth-generation e-ink Kindle owners, and if you sell them something that doesn’t work on their gadgets, they will be annoyed and will tell the world about their annoyance.”