Facebook Makes It Easier for Developers to Share Application Admin Access

Facebook now displays invites to become an admin, developer, tester, or Insights user for a specific application in the Developer app and as a Facebook notification. Previously these developer requests were buried at the the bottom of the Requests page, below a user’s friend and other requests, frequently causing members of app development teams to miss the requests.

The change will reduce the delay between when a developer request is sent and when a user notices it and accepts. This will be especially useful for developers trying to set up new application testers who might be less familiar with the requests.

Facebook added a new access control model for applications in January, allowing developers to assign different team members with different privileges. This makes sure the ability to modify or delete an app is only given to those who need it.

Developer requests in the Developer app appear at the top of the app above News.

The developer request notifications appear along with notifications about wall posts and photo tags in Facebook’s top navigation bar’s notifications channel — the drop-down beneath the globe icon. Developer requests generate a red counter on the globe icon, as with other notifications. Clicking the notification leads to the My Apps page where the request can be confirmed or ignored.

Note that only users who have already verified their developer account with a phone number or credit card can be sent developer requests. If a developer tries to send a request to someone who is unverified, they’ll receive an error message and the request won’t be sent.

Developer can look forward to no longer having to explain to new team members where their developer requests are, and being able to instead concentrate on designing and testing their apps.