Developer Notes: Platform Performance Issues to Last “Few Days,” FQL Changes

Facebook has been posting more status updates on its “Live Status” page in recent weeks to let developers know when there are platform-level performance problems. Today, Facebook posted an update saying that it’s seeing some issues that will take a “few days” to resolve:

We’ve identified issues related to scaling that require solutions to be rolled out over the course of the next few days. API latency in your apps may be high during this period. We’ll update when maintenance is complete. Thanks for your patience.

No more information is available other than to say the impact will be high latency for apps.

On a separate note, Facebook said today that it’s making a breaking change for non-English applications querying the user FQL table. “In order to significantly improve the performance of certain FQL queries, in 60 days we will return only English strings for the relationship_status, gender, and affiliations.status fields in the user FQL table,” Facebook says. If developers have hard-coded values in other languages, they’ll need to change their code by February 8, 2010.

Finally, Facebook said it is adding a new family FQL table to, you guessed it, get information about a user’s relatives. Facebook is adding features that make it more efficient for apps to add familial context, which makes sense given the huge growth in users over 35 and over 55 Facebook has seen this year.