Developer Note: Facebook Making Minor Change to Multi-Friend Selector

Six weeks ago, Facebook added a contact importer to the multi-friend-selector to enable application users to invite their friends outside of Facebook as well. Of course, adding the contact importer to apps is a move that will help Facebook grow as well, particularly in those regions and demographic segments that are seeing higher game and app adoption.

Yesterday, Facebook announced a minor change to the way the multi-friend-selector works. After app users send invitations, Facebook will now return the following information to the app:

  • ids[]: Contains the user IDs for Facebook friends invited to use your application
  • email_hashes[]: Contains the email hashes for non-Facebook friends invited to use your application

As Facebook explains, “Exposing the unique email hashes of non-Facebook invitees will enable you to gauge the value the email address book importer will have on growing your application’s user base.” In other words, now developers can get a sense of how many people their users are inviting to the app (and Facebook) using the contact importer. That feedback should help developers improve their copy and invitation flows.