Deutsch or Douche? Donny Calls Chris Hayes ‘Weenie’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes made a boo-boo during his show “Up!” on Memorial Day in which he said he feels “uncomfortable” about using the word “hero” to describe Americans who have gone to war.

“I feel uncomfortable about the word ‘hero’ because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war,” Hayes said in his characteristic otherworldly lingo. Immediately he faced backlash from the Drudge Report and other conservative news sites, who plastered his words out there for all to see.

Hayes didn’t instantly back down. “Sure this won’t stop the twitter hate, but ask people to watch this and see if we were being insufficiently respectful,” he tweeted with a link to a video of the segment in question. Shortly thereafter, Hayes apologized.

“[I]n seeking to discuss the civilian-military divide and the social distance between those who fight and those who don’t, I ended up reinforcing it, conforming to a stereotype of a removed pundit whose views are not anchored in the very real and very wrenching experience of this long decade of war,” Hayes said in his written apology. “And for that I am truly sorry.”

Cue up fellow MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch who wasn’t having it. This morning on “Today” Deutch along with TV personality Star Jones and NBC medical news editor Nancy Snyderman discussed Hayes’ comments (TVNewser). “I’m repulsed,” Deutsch said. “I hope he doesn’t get more viewers as a result of this. To say that… and by the way, this guy is like — if you’ve see what he looks like — he looks like a weenie. And to sit there where these guys are risking their lives, they are heroes: beginning, middle, end of story. I don’t know what the other side of this argument is.”


We’re all about redemption in the Fishbowl. We hope Hayes will think before he insults war heroes on Memorial Day. And probably think before he drinks; coffee, that is. Hayes looks so wired all the time we’d swear there’s an IV of caffeine serum coming straight out of his right forearm.

Carry on, Hazy.