Deutsch Creating Bad Blood at MSNBC

donny_deutsch1_1.jpg We’re hearing that Donny Deutsch is on rocky terms this week with MSNBC because he put up Host Keith Olbermann’s face when talking about the Tea Party Movement (which recently protested in D.C.) and “America the Angry” on his show Tuesday. Deutsch has been anchoring the 3 p.m. hour for this week, but will not host the show for the rest of the week due to a personal issue.

Last night, Olbermann allegedly expressed anger about Deutsch as well as the producers of the show.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin was not happy about Deutsch’s behavior on the show and spoke with him and the producer about it. It is uncertain at this point whether the temporary host will return when his personal matter clears up.

Some may recall that “Morning Joe” Host Mika Brzezinski has also been uncomfortable with Deutsch at times. He fairly recently bought her expensive Christian Loubouton shoes to make up for what she called his “rudeness” on the air. She appeared to have forgiven him.

See also TVNewser’s item on Deutsch and watch a clip of what he said on air.