Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs among NHL’s most-talked about teams on Facebook

The Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs are sitting atop the Eastern Conference — and are also the most talked about National Hockey League teams on Facebook right now, according to PageData.

While the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins are the most-liked hockey teams on Facebook, more users are buzzing about the Red Wings and Maple Leafs. See below to check how your favorite team is doing on Facebook.

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Here’s the list of all NHL teams on Facebook, organized by PTAT:

NameLikesΔ TodayΔ This WeekPTATΔ TodayΔ This Week
Official Detroit Red Wings1,420,763+716+6,972132,219-8,569+7,077
Toronto Maple Leafs725,737+809+5,152105,864+2,534+7,455
Pittsburgh Penguins1,334,868+2,136+12,705100,605-2,578-32,018
San Jose Sharks570,357+836+7,11973,256-2,764+29,232
Colorado Avalanche419,966+698+4,53667,505+172+20,216
Boston Bruins1,429,547+916+5,59367,019-13,845-18,158
Vancouver Canucks832,130+203+2,35962,282-7,960+21,784
Chicago Blackhawks1,434,006+2,656+19,23647,357+594-67,921
Philadelphia Flyers881,562+471+3,25545,101+2,605+6,958
LA Kings382,593+637+4,29139,475+1,195+6,797
New York Rangers1,057,583+573+3,78039,208-4,450-5,362
St. Louis Blues307,175+505+3,89935,946-5,084-31,654
Edmonton Oilers281,740+222+2,39432,361-2,237+7,665
Tampa Bay Lightning299,034+273+3,10127,295+2,749+3,801
New Jersey Devils349,348+522+3,15719,627-903+1,239
Washington Capitals523,537+229+1,84817,934-6,620-27,223
Anaheim Ducks226,204+470+1,58216,848+1,431+6,601
Buffalo Sabres355,298+163+1,18316,546-3,464-15,176
Canadiens de Montréal1,026,553+98+1,43514,526+433-24,367
New York Islanders128,039+296+2,06514,210-2,400+1,988
The Phoenix Coyotes124,978+248+1,65913,372-873-2,562
Official Dallas Stars196,799+255+1,65913,082+2,572+1,330
Ottawa Senators189,569+126+95913,041-3,953+1,757
Minnesota Wild226,460+472+2,61812,879+3,200+1,183
Official Calgary Flames Hockey Club210,160+117+91712,258+297+3,227
Carolina Hurricanes184,432+212+1,21110,423-1,471+728
Columbus Blue Jackets110,342+89+86810,248-3,458-896
Winnipeg Jets200,344+103+1,3029,137-1,400-525
Nashville Predators Hockey Team140,767+56+5817,353-420+1,001
The Florida Panthers94,659+159+1,1415,1290-2,002


Image courtesy of the Detroit Red Wings’ Facebook page.