Details on Philippe Starck’s Reality TV Design Show


Quickly back to the news we were reporting on the other day that Philippe Starck will be the star of his own new reality TV game show, we find that Brand Republic has received all the details on the upcoming BBC series, from the structure to the various challenges the ten designer contestants will face, to even the working title: “Philippe Starck’s School of Design” (which is sure to be replaced with a groan-worthy, barely relevant pun, like “Starck Raving Mad” or “In Starck Contrast”). Here’s a bit:

Over six one-hour episodes, Starck will bring the 25 most promising applicants to meet him in Paris and, after setting them a challenge, will select 10 to join his school of design. Once at the school, successful applicants will be given the chance to demonstrate their abilities by working on real design projects. Applicants will be eliminated until one or more students are rewarded with the opportunity of a work placement with him.

Still, while it’s almost considered a crime to not pick on reality television, the show is about product design, which should be interesting. And the BBC is behind it, so that makes it better too, right? Dare we say that we’re almost kind of excited to see it? No, probably not. Better to play it cool and pretend we’re too good for everything. Carry on.