Details on New Facebook Platform API Features For Profile Redesign

Facebook’s pace of updates is increasing as the profile redesign launch steadily approaches.

Today, Facebook released additional notes on new features for the upcoming redesign. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Facebook has added support for iframe popups. This means you can now use feed forms and other profile integration actions from iframes.
  • The is now running from an industrial strength tier, so you should be able to test more easily now.
  • Facebook is adding new parameters to tell you if the user has added your app tab or not (fb_sig_is_in_profile_tab), and who the recipient of a publisher post is (fb_sig_profile_user).
  • Facebook is adding a method to access user data without an active session key (users.getStandardInfo).
  • Facebook is adding a method to tell whether or not a given user has authorized your application (Users.isAppUser) (remember, “authorized” is the new “installed”).
  • Facebook is adding a new FBML tag so you can prompt your users for extended permissions (fb:prompt-permission)
  • Facebook is adding a new FBML tag so you can write some copy to encourage your users to add your  box or app info to their profile (fb:if-section-not-added)
  • Facebook offered the following clarification of notification changes and the new ‘announcement’ notification type:

For further clarification on notifications, you should use general notifications whenever your application is sending a notification on behalf of one user to another user. The user you are sending the notification to can be either another user of your application (including friends of the sender) or a friend of the user who is not a user of your application. We’re adding support to send notifications from one user to another user even if they are not friends, as long as both are users of your application. General notifications must always be sent with an active session for the user who is sending the notification.

Announcement notifications are a new type of notification. They are sent on an application’s behalf to a user of the application and do not require an active session. They should be in the voice of the application.

Facebook has left the profile in the developer sandbox in the “profile on right” design for a few days now, so it looks like that design may be sticking.

As always, we’ll stay on top of all the changes as the redesign approaches.