Mysterious Collective Aims to ‘Destroy Hollywood’

Feeling a little forlorn after the Rapture came and went, without rapturing? Looking to focus your left-left-of-center energies on something that does not involve volcano alien spirits? Then have we got the website for you.

Hung on an Internet domain native to a group of Pacific islands off New Zealand (presumably, a good place to be when Tinseltown goes down), is chock full of hilarious or ominous passages, depending on where you register on the pro-con Michael Bay scale. A taste:

We will educate people about the destruction of popular culture by handing out pamphlets and directing them to this site. We ask you to do the same. Tell children and your friends and family of the dangers of accepting the nihilism and negativity of Hollywood, and modern pop culture values.

There are physical dangers as well as psychological dangers inherent in accepting the submissive attitudes propagated by Hollywood.  Suppose you were taught not to ignore it when someone pushed someone else around.  What would be your  reaction to robbers or rapists or even wholescale wars if you put that philosophy into practice? “Acceptance” of  little things becomes acceptance of big things.

Another Fishbowl favorite are the “Educate Others” cut-and-paste email instructions, which point out the importance of placing a space between “Satanic?” and “Destroy Hollywood.”