Despite Years of Entries, Banksy Once Again Snubbed for Turnip Prize for Bad Art

Despite being one of the most well known artists in the world and selling out at auctions and exhibition and even movie theaters, sometimes the one reward that’s most wanted is the one you can’t seem to ever get. Such is the case with internationally renowned street artist Banksy. Reportedly for the fifth year in a row (we can verify at least back to 2007), the artist has submitted a piece to the Turnip Prize judges, only to see his name left off the shortlist. The prize, for those unfamiliar, is the 12 year old annual art competition in answer to the slightly more high brow Turner Prize. Its listed information on how positive marks are awarded for entries include “lack of effort” and “alliteration or pun used in title,” and with flat out disqualifications handed out for “too much effort” and “it is not sh*t enough.” This year it’s presumed that Banksy entered a frame painting of a stick figure with a though bubble wondering “Is crap art ‘art’ or is it crap?” Unfortunately for the artist, the shortlist has been released and he looks to have been bested by the likes of “a piece of cheese cut into the shape of the letter E” and “a coloured rock called Half a Stone Lighter.” However, perhaps it wasn’t even his attempt at bad art that wound up getting him kicked out in the first place, but rather for one other disqualification listed on their site for pieces that are submitted using a pseudonym.