Despite Uncertain, Shifting Revenue Streams, Magazine Publishers Aren’t Worried About Staffing

Folio just released its 2011 survey of consumer magazine publishers. In it, Folio asked the publishers where their revenue was coming from, whether they expected to be profitable, and what challenges they foresaw for the coming months, among other things.

Not surprisingly, publishers expect less of their revenue to come from print advertising and more from web advertising or online sponsorships.

Some of the more surprising findings is that fewer magazines expected to post a loss in 2011 than in 2010, though margins are definitely slimming (32 percent of large publishers reported a margin of 20-29 percent, while no group expects to have a margin of more than 18 percent for 2011).

As for priorities for 2011, publishers overwhelmingly said profitability and revenue growth. Only 9 percent said that “staff stability” was a priority (less than “increasing circulation,” “revenue diversification,” “creating live events” and “cost cutting”) and only 8 percent of small magazines and NO large magazines said staffing was the biggest challenge the magazine was dealing with.

Goes to show, even when magazines’ futures are uncertain, people are still throwing themselves over each other to try to work there.