Despite Seattle’s Desire for Better Architecture, Tough Times Plague the City’s Firms

The city of Seattle may want to become more architecturally focused and relevant, as we’ve reported in the past, but it looks like things are hitting just as hard in the Northwest as they are everywhere else in the country. Firms are finding less available work and are seeing projects stalled, leading to layoffs across the board. However, there’s still some optimism out there, despite all the negative signs:

At Mithun, principal David Goldberg said the slump has helped his firm focus on the future and how to position itself to succeed when the market revives. That probably means more emphasis on higher density, transit-oriented and sustainable development, he said.

“There are still large numbers of people who will be moving into this area,” Goldberg said. “The future looks good. It’s just the next few months or years that we’re worried about.”