Despite Last Week’s Announcement, Brent Glass Moves Departure Date From Nation Museum of American History into August

Speaking of comings and going at major museums, as we were in the post prior: despite last week’s news that Brent Glass, director of the National Museum of American History had announced his resignation from the Smithsonian museum, it looks like he’ll be there a bit longer than was originally planned. In his initial statement, he was expecting to leave for good on July 10th, though staying on as a senior adviser for the remainder of the year. However, now the AP reports that he will continue to lead the museum throughout August, staying on “an extra month to allow for a smooth transition.” So can we imply from this that his decision to resign was something of a surprise for the Smithsonian and now they’re scrambling or that Glass is such a powerhouse that they’re worried about getting all their ducks in a row before he exits? We’re guessing a mix of the two, though who’s to know. Whatever the case, if you’re out visiting the National Museum of American History over the next few weeks, you’ll now still have the opportunity of bumping into him in the halls and giving him an “attaboy.”