Despite Feuding, Shuster Mourns Breitbart

Current TV’s David Shuster and the late Andrew Breitbart fought regularly on virtually every public platform there is. Even FBDC played host to a bitching match between the two in late February. Shuster called Breitbart “crazy.” Breitbart accused Shuster of lying and, even worse, bad reporting.

But on Saturday, the bad blood between them seemed to vanish as Shuster paid tribute to Breitbart on his radio show “Take Action News.” (We can’t help but imagine Breitbart ranting even at this. The pair rarely agreed on much of anything.) For nearly 15 minutes Shuster recounted the feisty, yet symbiotic, relationship he had with Breitbart. He said they related warmly off the air.

“He and I had our clashes, over the years,” Shuster said. “As much as I was sometimes so frustrated with Andrew, he had an incredible knack for attracting attention and bringing attention to his causes and to his beliefs.”

Shuster then played a clip from talk radio host Bill Press’ show, in which Shuster had a heated exchange with Breitbart over the integrity (or lack thereof) of Breitbart’s media tactics.

“We also had some pretty amazing conversations off the air,” Shuster said after he played the clip. “Off the air, Andrew Breitbart and I talked about our families. We talked about members of our own family who were sick. He could not have been more supportive on those issues and kind and generous.”

Shuster said he is mourning Breitbart’s death and described him as “a hell of a guy.”