Designers: The Great Tattooed Among Us?

Absolutely nothing to do with anything of vital importance, but something we’d found interesting and often thought about in those few moments each month that we’re allowed to use our brains for something other than work. It’s Noisy Decent Graphics asking if designers are more or less apt to have tattoos. There’s really not much more to their post than that question, as they want their many commentors to chime in and offer up a decisive opinion. And it’s certainly interesting to read through the large batch they’ve received. Personally, we’d say that yes, designers are more likely to have tattoos than people other professions, like doctors and lawyers. But within the design community, we think web design people are at the tops of tattoo-having list and we dull bloggers who just write about design are at the very bottom (Stephanie being the exception, having 58 tattoos on her left arm alone).

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