Designers from Stella McCartney to Zaha Hadid Craft Christmas Trees for Parisan Charity Event

Let’s stay on the happy holiday theme for a minute before we get back to the regular news (which has seemed like nothing but a constant drone of depression lately). The annual Les Sapins de Noel des Createurs was held this week with those few remaining people with extra income (see: beer barons, steel magnates, etc.) gathering together in Paris to bid on Christmas trees created by big name designers and architects like Norman Foster, Stella McCartney, and Zaha Hadid, whose creation looks like a) it’s from space (of course) and b) a gigantic compact fluorescent light bulb. So, in short: most buck Christmas tree tradition by about five miles. But still interesting none the less and fun to think about the dignitaries who drag them home and imagining their holiday guests saying, “No, really, where’s your tree?”