Designer Veggie Couture Spices up the Runway at Project SUBWAY’s Fashion Show

2014 Onion Runway FinalWhen an onion graced the runway at Nolcha Fashion Week in New York on Tuesday, those in the front row weren’t crying. Instead they broke into peals of laughter, since the onion was a novel dress and hat ensemble designed for the second Project SUBWAY contest.

This year ten up-and-coming designers and FIT students were challenged to create unique dresses inspired by vegetables found at SUBWAY® restaurants. Among the healthy fashion creations: spinach, banana pepper, tomato, jalapeno, lettuce, carrot, cucumber and green pepper. At last year’s show, designers created dresses made of non-edible materials from SUBWAY®, like sandwich wrappers, napkins and salad bowls.

Judging the contest was a tall order, and the panel included Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player Russell Westbrook, Olympic gymnastic champion Nastia Liukin, TV personality Bella Thorne and celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek. They critiqued the designs based on creativity, originality, beauty, fit and best representation of the vegetables, and remarked about the green pepper’s ‘aggressive’ shoulders and hourglass shape, the lettuce’s see-through design and the red tomato’s sparkle.

But the onion, designed by Veritee Hill, captured the most votes with its multilayered purple and white hues and jaunty matching hat. However, the chapeau wasn’t the only notable fashion accessory. We spotted bright plaid sneakers on Wujek, and Westbrook’s olive green sneakers with side laces conveyed a distinct veggie vibe.

Here’s a select menu of the veggie-inspired couture on display:

(l-r) Westbrook, Onion, Veritee Hill,  Liukin, Wujek, Thorne

2014 Judges and Onion Team FinalHere’s green pepper:

2014 Green Pepper Final


2014 Carrot Final

Lettuce and tomato:

2014 Lettuce and Tomato Final

And, finally, banana pepper:

2014 Banana Pepper Final

Now who’s hungry?