Designer Marc Jacobs Pays $1 Million to Get Out of Bribery Charges


Off of museums now and onto fashion where designer Marc Jacobs will soon have one million less dollars after he and his company have agreed to pay a fine to the city of New York stemming from his connection to bribery charges in securing a regular spot at the 26th Street Armory for his fashion shows. This, of course, is punishment for agreeing to pay the bribes to James Jackson, the manager of the city-owned space, who demanded additional money from anyone interested in using it to host an event, something he’s now looking at a possible 15 years in prison for. Here’s a bit:

The $1m payment in settlement of the legal action will go to New York state. In addition, the company has agreed to allow its operations to be monitored for two years by an outside firm.

New York’s attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, said that tough action had been taken to protect the reputation of the fashion industry. “New York City is a global epicentre for fashion and cultural events, and we will not allow corruption and greed to tarnish one of our most lucrative industries.”