Designer Accused by Stock Art for Theft of Logos He Designed

So you want a hot little number to start off the day with? Well how’s this? The designer Jon Engle has posted on his blog all the details of a legal fight he’s in the middle of between he and the aptly titled stock art company, Stock Art, over a whole mess of logos they claim Engle has posted on his site. The catch is that the logos are indeed on his site because Engle created them. As far as he has figured, someone swiped his work, removed any indication that he was the designer behind it, and resubmitted it to Stock Art. The company asked for $18,000 in usage fees and when Engle essentially said, “No, they’re mine! I made them!” they stuck their lawyers on him. When he persisted further, their legal team started contacting his clients and letting them know that he was under investigation for thieving copyrighted work. And that’s where Engle is at now, in the midst of this legal skirmish, asking for help from the design world over what to do next. A creepy story from start to finish and we’re hoping the third act ends up with all things made right in the world.