Design Your Own Fabric, Then Vote On It


The concept of crowd-sourcing design isn’t entirely new. We’ve seen it with restaurants, t-shirts, and sneakers. However, it’s a newborn concept when it comes to fabric. The latest iteration is a Finnish web site that allows patrons to submit and vote on home-design fabrics. Bonbonkakku gives free reign to crafty consumers to come up with colorful textiles, and lets voters decide which ones will go to press. Wouldn’t you know it, the latest competition ends November 10, just days after the U.S. Presidential election. As Springwise so wisely suggested, the next step will be to give the designers a percentage of sales from the creations that do sell.

Now if only websites would do something like this for dress fabrics, so that home sewers could design, hit the send button, vote, and then see their handiworks on dresses and skirts worldwide.