Design Within Reach’s Illegitimate Cousin


And to close this day of fun, as well as to indulge us once more in talking about one of our favorite companies to talk about (albeit not very positively lately), we somehow ran across this little news story today about a furniture design company in Brunei, on the island of Borneo, called Curve Interiors Enterprise, who has a new line of furniture being unveiled this week with the campaign/theme, “Design Within Reach.” Huh. We’ve looked and looked, but sadly, we couldn’t find any of their marketing material, but what do you wager that it looks an awful lot like a brand we’re familiar with over here? Wonder what the usage and copyright laws over on Borneo. If anything, we hope they get more luck out of it than our version seems to be getting lately (though their buying recommendation did just hike up from “strong sell” to “neutral”).