Design Within Reach’s Gap Keeps Widening

The trouble continues for the store, Design Within Reach, as Reuters reported this morning. This time, it isn’t for drastically falling profits or anyone leaving. In fact, they did replace Ken La Honta, their former CFO, who quit unexpectedly back in late July with a guy named John Hellmann. But that wasn’t enough, apparently, to turn the ship around, as they posted losses once more for the second time this year. But their problem this time is that they didn’t file their financial reports on time and now Nasdaq is threatening to delist them, taking them off the exchange all together. So, sure, they may know how to retail tables made of two-by-fours for $5 bazillion dollars, but they’re really having some trouble in the financial end of things. Better reach in while you can. Or hold out for the “Closing Our Doors Forever!” sale.