Design Within Reach Patches Things Up with Alan Heller

Back at the very start of the year, we posted about Design Within Reach‘s new management’s desire to patch up all the rocky relationships it had damaged in the years prior (that’s putting it lightly, in regard to some specific cases). This included a link to a NY Times story about one such furniture manufacturer in particular, Alan Heller, who according to his telling had been stabbed in the back when DWR stopped selling one of his products (a Mario Bellini chair) and immediately rolled out their own, which looked unquestionably similar. While that bad blood existed just two months ago, it appears that DWR’s new efforts might be working, as we ran across this otherwise slightly cryptic press release if you didn’t happen to know the backstory:

Design Within Reach, Inc. and Heller Inc. have amicably resolved the litigation captioned Heller Inc. v. Design Within Reach, Inc., et al., Case No. 09 CV 1909 (S.D.N.Y). Both parties are pleased with the resolution of this dispute and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship in the future. In particular, the parties wish to express Heller’s strong belief in the new direction of Design Within Reach, and Design Within Reach’s deep respect and support for Heller and its designs.

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