Design Within Reach Moves Headquarters from San Francisco to Stamford, CT

It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been less than a year since writer Jeff Chu took a hard look at Design Within Reach for Fast Company, exposing more publicly the near-shambles it had found itself in after its first decade of existence. Since then, the company got itself a new CEO, patched things up with some of the designers it had wronged, closed stores, launched a series of higher-profile-than-usual promotions, and tried bumping up the value of their stock. Now they’ve made perhaps the second biggest shift in their year of change (hiring John Edelman as the new guy in charge certainly has to be the first), is the company’s announcement that they’re packing up, leaving San Francisco, and making Stamford, Connecticut their new headquarters. They’ll be moving into an existing building in an area called Harbor Point, a section the city is apparently making a big push to revitalize. No doubt the less expensive rent will also help a company still climbing out of some of the holes it dug for itself in the past. Here’s a bit from the official word about the move:

“We chose Stamford due to its proximity to New York City, vibrant available workforce, and the opportunity to be part of the exhilarating renewal taking place in Stamford’s South End,” said the company’s Chief Operating Officer John McPhee. “We look forward to having our corporate offices located directly above the newest Design Within Reach Studio, both of which will be in the former Yale and Towne lock factory at Harbor Point.”

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