Design Within Reach Ignores Housing Fallout, Starts Opening Up Internationally


Over the couple of years we’ve been employed at this here blog, we’ve reported on both the sudden plummet of Design Within Reach and then its triumphant, um, return to semi-stability. Although their stock has still continued to fall, albeit in smaller increments than for a while there, they’ve apparently decided to expand, planning to open their first store outside of the US, in Toronto, on February 23. We don’t know from business, but we’re thinking maybe that this was a plan put into place before the housing market started to crumble and now that they’ve got the store all built and the merchandise all ordered a year ago, they have no other choice but to open it. We’re certainly not passing judgment and we hope they do well, but wow, that’s a pretty bold move. Here’s a bit from their PR:

Toronto’s cosmopolitan nature and history of modernism made it appealing as the location for Design Within Reach’s first Canadian Studio. “DWR built a successful national design presence based on the founding principle of making design within reach. Expanding beyond the U.S. will further our vision of accessible design solutions,” said DWR CEO, Ray Brunner. “Strong demand from Canadian residents and international tourists for well designed products made Toronto the logical choice for DWR’s first international location.”