Design That Gets Out Of The Way

Jimmy “Wikipedia” Wales did a great interview with Craig “craigslist” Newmark for this afternoon’s keynote, and it turns out they’re friends in real life. Wales asked Newmark about his citizen journalist aspirations, which Newmark said are largely unformed and greatly exaggerated by the press. Whew. Job security for at least another month.

More interesting was learning about the design sensibility of craigslist, something Newmark was once told had the visual appeal of a pipe wrench. Newmark said he just did something as simple as possible because he didn’t know any better. After 11 years, it has never moved past this bulletin board style. In Newmark’s words, the design, like much of the other community-building features, “gets out of the way.”

An hour later, a superb panel in a session called “Design Eye For the List Guy” gave craigslist a makeover–and Newmark came up on stage at the end to comment.

Ready? We present craigslist 2.0