Design of Coin Celebrating Prince William and Catherine Middleton Engagement Fares Poorly with Critics, General Population

If you were in the UK over the Christmas weekend, there’s a good chance you’d have talked about coin design at one point. There’s a healthy bit of negative buzz surrounding the Royal Mint’s printing of a new £5 coin, celebrating the engagement of Prince William to Catherine Middleton (we particularly liked this piece from The Spoof). The issue is over artist Matthew Buonocorsi‘s depiction of the two, particularly Middleton, who looks like she might have had a hard, upsetting night out that at one point involved stuffing her cheeks with cotton balls and gaining 30 pounds. Comparing it to the photo it’s reportedly based on and you can see that it’s perhaps not the most accurate rendering. Add to that the pronounced appearance of the Prince’s adam’s apple and it’s certainly not the most attractive coin design we’ve ever seen. Made all the worse is even Philip Nathan, who designed a coin to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, is against it, saying it looks rushed: