Design Miami: Would You Like to Buy a Monkey?

(Photo: Alexander Williams for Areaware)

OK, so technically it’s a gorilla, but we’ve always wanted to find a good reason to headline a post with that famous David Letterman-in-Cabin Boy quote. Since providing you with the first glimpse of the Design Miami Box Top Shop—stocked with goodies from I.D., Areaware, and Charles & Marie—we’ve checked in with the store’s proprietors to see what’s selling swiftly, and the Design Miami must-have is shaping up to be the hand-signed and numbered version of David WeeksHanno the Gorilla (pictured above). As if the signing and numbering weren’t sufficiently special, each Miami Hanno sports an original laser-etched tattoo on its sustainably-harvested beech wood chest. We’ve advised the Box Top Shopkeepers that to further boost Hanno sales they join hands and perform the Magilla Gorilla theme song every hour, on the hour. Or at least have this hip-hop version by Michael Ungar playing on a flatscreen: