Design Miami: Maarten Baas is Melting, Melllllting!

(Photo: Contrasts Gallery)

When it comes to furniture, where there’s smoke, there’s not necessarily fire, but there is Dutch designer Maarten Baas, who for his famed “Smoke” series of charred furniture took a blow torch (and lots of translucent epoxy resin sealant) to the iconic creations of everyone from Gaudi to the Campana brothers. The fiery fun continues in Baas’ newest series, “Transformation,” an appealingly oozy range of handcrafted wood furniture on view through Saturday at the Design Miami booth of Pearl Lam‘s Contrasts Gallery, which has outposts in Shanghai and Beijing and hosted a show of Baas’ work last summer. “Transformation” was born from Lam’s commissioning of Baas to make products with Chinese producers and, through Contrasts’ residency program, investigate traditional Chinese craftsmanship, materials, and imagery. We hear the new work has collectors melting. Other cross-cultural combos at Contrasts include Constantin Boym‘s table that functions as a readymade still life and Studio Makkink & Bey‘s stainless steel dining table based on traditional Chinese boxes. Click “continued…” to see both pieces.

Studio Makkink & Bey, “cleaning-beauty-dining-table (stainless steel)”

(Photos: Contrasts Gallery)

Constantin Boym, “Still Life”

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