Design Head Ian Callum Thinks Jaguar’s Old Look is Dragging It Down


We lied. We’re going back to the UK now. But only because we found this story pretty interesting and brought up something we hadn’t really considered before. It’s a piece about Jaguar‘s design director, Ian Callum, who says that the company, for far too long, has coasted on a familiar design and that that’s beginning to damage the perception of the company. When you stop to think about it, it’s absolutely right. When was the last time you really saw a new looking Jaguar? But beyond just that observation, it’s also interesting to think about the process involved in making a huge sea change within an organization that has a “it’s a classic, so let’s not change it” model. It’s a “people are too familiar with the BigMac, so let’s completely change it” sort of thing — a potentially very risky move. Then again, as we’ve heard from nearly every car manufacturer, focusing on design and mixing things up to freshen up a brand seems to be on repeat in the jukebox lately. So who’s to tell what this new Jaguar plan actually means. But sometimes the concept behind the story is more interesting than the piece itself.