Design for Everyone and Accessibility for All


Because we’re in the market for a brownstone in Brooklyn (not because we want to move to New York to live or anything, we’ve just heard that it’s a popular thing to do), we ran across this story in Real Estate section of the NY Times yesterday, “Design for Everyone, Disabled or Not.” It’s about designing and building apartments and homes for people with disabilities, but not calling out the fact that they have been created as such. Here’s a little:

According to the Center for Universal Design at North Carolina State University, universal design is increasingly available, but few if any other large-scale buildings have used the concept throughout an entire building. The term “universal design” was coined in 1989 by the architect Ron Mace, who developed a set of seven principles, like “low physical effort” and “simple and intuitive use. Mr. Mace founded the center, in Raleigh, before he died in 1998 to further develop and integrate the principles into everyday life.