Design for All

Design for All

I have always adored Target‘s television ads. The monochromatic ones are just so damn good. (This is high praise coming from a TiVo-loving commercial hater.) And I love them begrudgingly – I consider myself to be a pretty savvy consumer of infomation, and I boggle at their ability to get me every time. It scares me a little.

Well, they’ve done it again, and this time they’ve really struck a chord with me. The ad for their new campaign, Design for All had me sitting slack-jawed at my computer. It’s a premise I am really intrigued by, and anyone close to me will tell you that the commodification of good taste is a topic I’m prone to ramble on about. The ad is witty and beautifully done, and you should click on this link and watch it if you’re on a high-speed connection.

Design for everyone, everyone’s a designer, design is everywhere, finding new uses for mundane objects – this is all stuff that really makes my brain run a mile a minute, and I’m looking forward to exploring those themes here.

Oh, incidentally, the word “design” in the video still posted is constructed out of Post-It notes. It’s very Tara Donovan.

(link and video still via Cool Hunting)