Design Firm Delete Not Fonda Jane for Thieving Their Website


Actress Jane Fonda is in a bit of hot design water at the close of this week. Design firm Delete has accused Fonda of stealing the layout of their website for her own newly redesigned online home. Taking a look, the actress’ site certainly does bear some pretty striking similarities to Delete’s, from the large image up top to the navigation to the sidebars underneath. While it’s a not pixel-for-pixel twin, if you were to show it to a non-design-y person and ask “Do you think this one is a copy of this one?” we can almost guarantee you’d get 10 out of 10 affirmatives. While no legal action has taken place yet, Delete is considering it, perhaps in just hoping that even the mention and likely the press that’s sure to come will scare whoever Fonda hired to build her site into confessing their sins and getting to work on a new look. Fortunately, Delete’s managing director has kept a good sense of humor about the whole thing:

“We are not complaining about her taste, obviously it’s good (or at least her web team’s taste is good), but we are surprised that a film icon’s website could be so similar to our own. We are thrilled that we’ve finally ‘made it’ in Hollywood — however, it would have been better if we got paid for it.”